PolyFlor Project

You have a great product or service you do not know how to break into the market; get inspired by the story below.

The client approached us with trust and two industrial bags of PolyFlor products in his hands. He explained how he tested the product and recognized the potential, but he did not know how to present PolyFlor and break into the market. PolyFlor is an innovative moisture retention agent that achieves stunning agricultural results.

He introduced us to the effectiveness and results of PolyFlor. The client decided on a complete service that includes building the brand for PolyFlor (logo design, visual identity design) and creating a modern and functional webshop through which he is quickly and safely selling his product. Thru the CMS system we implemented, he can control orders and manage the inventory displayed on the web. 

The next step was informing the public of the benefits and quality of his product. Our marketing strategy was simple; we emphasized its effectiveness and agricultural results in our campaigns. We have expanded brand awareness using digital marketing tools by writing SEO-optimized texts so that PolyFlor can be found organically through search engines. Anyone interested in agriculture or plant growing could see our ad as a potential audience we targeted.

As the client was satisfied with our services and the concept and the audience we created around his product, we continued to work together. The creation of content for social networks is in progress as part of Content marketing and management of social networks and the creation of blog posts and newslettersOwning social channels will allow him to send authentic messages from PolyFlor and freely share news, and over time we will build a community around PolyFlor products and companies. Creating relevant and engaging content for the target audience will help generate new leads by capturing their interest and building trust.

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