Bauauk Projects

First auction site for construction materials in Croatia.

We have created an innovative portal that changes how we sell construction materials in Croatia. For Bauauk, we designed a software solution that offers users the possibility of bidding for certain construction materials. The portal offers a unique user experience. Each user has access to their profile to publish auctions or bid on them.

In addition to auctions, the portal also integrates the "Supernabava" (Great purchase) system, allowing users to receive specific offers for the product they are interested in from companies. We paid much attention to the marketing tools we used to promote this new brand. It was essential for us to acquaint the public with the peculiarities and advantages of this new and innovative way of buying.

The portal was promoted through Facebook, Instagram campaigns, Google ads, and newslettersAs an additional tool, we created a Facebook group, in which an increasing number of members interested in construction materials join every day.

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